Buying a Home?


Buying a home is probably the biggest investment you will make with long-term financial ramifications. It calls for many informed decisions and for good advice from a real estate professional. When buying a home, you can learn from the knowledge and skill of a Real Estate Agent.


What can Real Estate Agents do to help you buy the right home for you?


Real Estate Agents will help you determine how much home you can actually afford. Often, they can suggest additional ways to accrue the down payment and explain alternative financing methods. They can also introduce you to a mortgage counselor and arrange to have you “pre-approved” which can improve your negotiating position and enable you to achieve your home-buying objectives faster and with less stress.

Other things may Include:

1. Providing client-level services, they can work for you as a buyer’s agent and help negotiate the best price and terms for you. Or, they can serve as a seller’s sub-agent (or disclosed dual agent), acting as a liaison between you and the seller to present offers and counteroffers until an agreement is reached.

2. They will help you work out a realistic idea of the home best suited to your needs – size, style, features, location, accessibility to schools, transportation, shopping, and other personal preferences.

3. They have access to a listing of all available homes in the multi-list system, can evaluate them in terms of your needs and affordability, and will not waste your time showing you unsuitable homes.

4. They can often suggest simple, imaginative changes that could make a home more suitable for you and improve its utility and value.

5.They can supply information on real estate values, taxes, utility costs, municipal services, and facilities, and may be aware of proposed zoning changes that could affect your decision to buy.

6. Although the law does not normally require an attorney to review documents or oversee real estate closings, they can provide you with a list of law practitioners to choose from if you would like to use the services of an attorney.

7. They can help familiarize you with the closing process and they will obtain closing figures in advance of closing for your review.

8. They can provide you with a list of qualified home inspectors, pest inspectors, surveyors, and help to coordinate inspection appointments.

Buying A Home?

The market is hot making it harder and more competitive than ever to purchase fully finished homes on a budget. Have you ever thought about building your own home, or purchasing a fixer-upper but don’t know where to start? Let us help you find the right property for you. 

Selling Your Home?

Selling your home can be difficult, especially if your home or rental is in need of some TLC. Our experienced real estate agents and professionals can help you take your home from ZERO to HERO to help you get the fullest potential profit out of your property’s equity. Want to know more? Click below. 

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